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JYJ Tells You To Get In The “Back Seat” [MV]


JYJ Tells You To Get In The “Back Seat” [MV]


Ladies and gentlemen, The King has returned!

JYJ will have your hearts racing with their newest music video! Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu have dropped their music video Back Seat which will have you swooning from their overloading sexiness and lyrics “put you in the back seat” and “want to touch your body all night.

Not only are they eye candy, but they are ear candy as well! It’s so wonderful…

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Super Junior ON The Media | 140728

yesung1106: Today unique teuk;s come back … ^^ #예특

kanginnim:a day is really long, and long, and long~~

kimheenim:Weak pretty youth

earlyboysd:It`s about time I start…. giving hints right?? the picture is posted just because I`m hungry kkk #ELF are you ready to answer the quiz?? I am prepared to give questions!! kkk let`s start off lightly then, shall we? (hint- ○○○○○) kkkkk (T)

leedonghae:Lee Teuk is back !! After few hrs later !! SJ coming soon

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2012.10.30. ↼2014.07.29.

21 months, 91 weeks, 637 days, 15288 hours, 917280 minutes, 55036800 seconds.

Over the past year and a half, you’ve continued to showcase your never ending strength and motivation throughout your military service. You were initially ineligible for active duty, but received treatment to enlist for active duty insisting that you wanted to on join the regular army camp. From the start, you made us proud by becoming the leader of your training unit. Then, you even surprised us on the day of your release from boot camp training by receiving a special award for your outstanding shooting skills. When you were in bad shape because of a fever and had rehearsals for “The Promise” musical, you endured through the pain and went as far as practicing for 15 hours with the will to do well. And once the musical began, you received many praises for your impressive performance. The musical not only received praises from critics, but tickets for the encore performances ranked #1 in sales. After which, you went on to receive the newcomer award at the 7th Daegu International Musical Festival. Many more things happened.. and then on April 1st, you made us more proud than ever before by being promoted to a Sergeant, the highest rank achievable during your enlistment.

In every step of the way, you continued to say that you wanted to take care of Park Jungsu; to do well in the name of Super Junior and you did. Though there were many bumps in the rode and a few big hills that were hard to overcome, in the end you found a way to get through those hard times and keep moving forward.

There are not enough words in this world that can express how proud I am of you Sergeant Park Jungsu… Thank you so much for having the strength to endure and continue without giving up. I love you. 

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T.O.P for Khawah French Cafe #1!

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T.O.P for Khawah French Cafe #2!

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